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Economic Hardship Deferment and Moonlighting


shrinkie dink
10+ Year Member
7+ Year Member
Jun 14, 2006
  1. Attending Physician
Hopefully others find useful info in my question too:

As a PGY2, I've been making an avg resident salary. With the amount of debt I have ($150K give or take a few thou.) I easily meet criteria under the 20-220 rule which seems will continue through 7/2009. I think I'll be able to squeeze my third and final year out of the Economic Hardship Deferment. My only question is whether or not moonlighting income (which would obviously go on my Jan 2009 for the 2008 year W-2) will effect my deferment eligibility for this year. (For clarification: I haven't done any moonlighting yet, ie none in 2007-2008 academic year.) My only concern is how things get kinda weird since our salaries are calculated in July yet obviously W-2's are the loan servicer's standard of income and economic need.
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Cpt Starbuck

Finally on Earth!!!
10+ Year Member
5+ Year Member
Aug 22, 2006
On the way back to Earth!
  1. Post Doc
You can either use your W2 or your monthly paycheck. Technically your moonlighting income should be factored in (since it is income). However, if you get a separate check (or submit a check before you start making moonlighting money) there wouldn't be any way for the lender to know.
2nd this. Just be careful and don't use your tax returns.
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