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Einstein vs Temple (LKSOM)


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Aug 31, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hey all! I am very much torn right now between Einstein and Temple (LKSOM) and would like some advice if anyone has.
    Both schools are really great and I am very grateful to be in this position (even though I am stressed about making a choice haha)! I have narrowed it down to these two, but I am still waitlisted at several other schools. I definitely don't think I can go wrong, but no one in my family is in medicine and I am having a hard time choosing. The cost is around the same

    A bit about me: I am passionate about helping the underserved (both schools seem to have a strong focus on that), and am very service oriented. I am from Florida but have family in Philly so I feel like both Einstein and Temple are pretty close to my family (Einstein is ~2 hours and temple is ~45min) I am not sure what I am interested in yet - thinking maybe pediatrics but really still have an open mind.

    Thank you for all your input!


    (+) higher ranking (not sure how much this matters)
    (+) campus
    (+) students overall feel pretty safe
    (+) 2 hospitals walking distance from campus
    (+) living situation is easy (all med students live in apartment style dorm on campus)
    (+) better matching for residency ? (not really sure)

    (-) facilities are a bit older
    (-) in the Bronx (~45 min away from NYC)
    (-) only have MD Students (feel like it could be overwhelming to only be surrounded by MD students/doctors)


    (+) closer to family
    (+) live in the city in Philly
    (+) Newer facilities
    (+) Have a great Children's Hospital (I think?)
    (+) National Brand Name

    (-) Not as Safe
    (-) long commute to classes and rotations (20-30 min subway)
    (-) lower ranked (again not sure if this matters)
    (-) People end up doing away rotations (around 2)

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