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May 25, 2013
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    Question: Lipolysis is the main point of regulation for fatty acid breakdown. Which of the following is a product of adipose tissue breakdown?

    I. Glycerol
    II. Acetyl CoA
    III. Ketone bodies

    A) I only
    B) I and II only
    C) III only
    D) I, II, and III

    I picked A) glycerol only, because free fatty acids are stored as triglycerides in adipose tissue.

    The book answer says it's C), and the explanation is:

    "C is correct. According to the passage, triglycerides are broken down by hormone-sensitive lipase to produce free fatty acids and a glycerol. Therefore, glycerol is definitely a product of adipose tissue breakdown. Free fatty acids may be converted to acetyl CoA, which can be oxidized to produce ATP or utilized to produce ketone bodies. However, these latter mechanisms are not direct products of lipolysis. Ketone bodies are only produced when levels of acetyl CoA exceed the capacity of the Krebs cycle."

    Is it a typo? Or am I just really tired and missing something obvious?

    Thanks in advance.
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