EK Audio osmosis, 2 Simulated Exams, 16 mini-MCAT, and Pre-CBT 11 Kaplan exams

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Nov 13, 2010
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I have the following EK items for sale:
1. Audio Osmosis (full set of CDs)
2. 2 EK MCAT simulated exams (full-length, printed) #2f and #3g: unmarked
3. 16 Mini-MCAT book: unmarked

Asking $70 for the Audio set, $25 for the simulated exams, and $20 for the mini-mcat book. Be happy to offer a discounted price if you are buying all of them. Shipping cost are included (for continental U.S. only).
I also have the "pre-CBT era" Kaplan full-length (11 in total, the reading passage is longer than the current CBT, but good enough if you want extra practice problems before the exam). Asking for $20. PM me if you are interested in any of these or if you want more information. Thanks!
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