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EK Bio 1001 good way to do comprehensive review in final days?

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by MedicalAuthor, Jun 10, 2012.

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  1. MedicalAuthor

    MedicalAuthor Class of Twenty Seventeen 5+ Year Member

    Apr 18, 2011
    I'm feeling a little worried about Bio. I've taken three practice tests (3, 5, and 8) and have gotten 11/12 on all, but I feel like it's moreso because I can extract information from the passage well. I'm worried that my background knowledge might not be up to par if June 21st's test proves to be passage-independent-knowledge based. Basically, this worry comes from TBR review passages giving me much trouble than the MCAT ones.

    Anywho, I was thinking of using the 1001 book (I have it already but haven't really touched it) and doing very third passage to touch on all the topics and then use the explanations to fill in knowledge gaps. I'm still going to do about 6 more FL practice tests before June 21 in addition to this. Does this sound like a good use of my time? I ask because I saw a thread some time back saying 1001 Bio is worthless because MCAT is more passage information based, but I worry about the opposite.

    I am here: http://tapatalk.com/map.php?auw02p
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  3. MedicalAuthor

    MedicalAuthor Class of Twenty Seventeen 5+ Year Member

    Apr 18, 2011
    Bump. Just don't want to waste my time, but I'm leaning towards going through them. Pretty much after reviewing all four practice tests I've taken so far, all the questions I've gotten wrong it's been because of VR-type mistakes: not reading the passages well enough. But, at the same time, some of the stuff I do get right I know I wouldn't have if the same question was asked as a discrete and not in passage context.
  4. TriagePreMed

    TriagePreMed Banned Banned 2+ Year Member

    Apr 28, 2010
    I'm doing it now and think it's good because it really tests background knowledge. The passages seem to be made with containing some details that are relevant to the knowledge you should know for the MCAT. I don't know how TBR is, but it's definitely distinct to TPRH and I feel is complimentary.

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