EK Class Opinion Needed!


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Mar 5, 2004
    Hey all, has anyone taken the Examkrackers Class? They are now offereing it in more places for the August MCAT this year and am contemplating on whether or not to sign up for that EK class or do the Princeton Review class. I know and have read most of the reviews on the PR class from the PR vs Kaplan arguement, but I have not seen alot of information about the EK classes, just that I know from here that their books are useful. Any response would be appreciated!

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    Aug 1, 2003
      I really like EK approach. I have all their study material. I researched EK and spoke to the EK office manager in NY reagrding the class. For logistics reasons I couldn't take EK class (there was a scedule conflict with school). So I enrolled in Kaplan.

      I knew going in that I am taking the class only for the 12 full length tests that Kaplan has and its long standing credibility. The class room lectures at Kaplan are USELESS for me. I have heards that EK class room courses are taught by the most highly paid of all instructors who specialize in the subjects. In Kaplan all classes are taught by the same guy who has taken mcat a couple of yrs ago. (Donno why he is here and not in med school)

      If things had worked out, i would've taken EK class room course, considering that I really like their approach. I could've gotten Kaplan tests from someone else.

      Good Luck!
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