Sep 2, 2015
From what I've gathered thus far it seems that with the new MCAT, EK has really stepped up to the plate and done a fantastic job with their books. I'm planning on supplementing the sociology section with Khan Academy and possibly Kaplan, which leads me to the main question in my post.

Can anyone share their experiences with the newest EK Live Online prep classes please? Given many comments I've read over it seems like they do the best of prioritizing high-yield sections and just test taking skills in general. However, they only have 5 full-length tests as opposed to Kaplan or TPR who provide 12 (although I kind of prefer Kaplan for the more flexible schedule in their classes). Of course there is presently not much of a consensus on whose class is better, Kaplan or TPR. It seems most people lean towards TPR but I am extremely tempted given Kaplan's immense practice question bank. I've read several people say that Kaplan's questions were not very reflective of the real MCAT ones but these posts were pretty old. Would I be making a bad decision by purchasing EK books and taking Kaplan's class? I would be extremely grateful for anyone who can shed some light on this with their experiences! Oh, and I might get my hands on some Berkeley Review books as well (I'm planning on doing the next round of MCAT's April-Sept 2016).

Thank you so much!!