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Jul 31, 2002
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I bought the EK verbal book and was able to increase my verbal score to a 10 on Kaplan test III (Diag:7,I:5,II:8) and really utilized their strategies. I was wondering what some of their strategies are for getting through PS and BS passages. Are the stategies similar like not underlining and coming up with the main idea as in their verbal book. Any help would be great!


For BS and PS, they basically tell you to recognize the formulas and graphs as they are and not spend time studying them because there may not be any questions relating to them... EK, if you buy their materials, basically suggest that once you know your science inside out, then the strategies of the verbal section are better utilized in the PS and BS: main idea, read quickly... Also, if your verbal score is high, they say this is the first step to true success on the mcat as the BS and PS passages reflect the same type of thinking...

I've been using their materials and find them incredible... I am just about done with them and plan on finishing the aamc tests this next week...these guys are the real deal!


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Mar 21, 2002
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I don't remember any sort of strategy. But DO NOT skip the passage. The passage does not take a long time to finish at all. And do not get bogged down by details. Alot of questions are not passage specific but there passage specific questions which may be contradictory to wsomething known -- which is why you need to read the passage. The passage often will immediately tell you what kind of topics the questions will be on, but not always.

Number one thing is to know your science inside out. EK was great for this because ~ 95% (I'm making this up) of their material is basic and on the mcat (meaning not alot of extra fluff that can get you down). Then Number 2 is to be able to recognize what they are asking you about it. There are VERY few HARD questions on the mcat in terms of science knowledge, it only seems hard if can't recognize what basic question they are asking you.

The above is what worked for me, you might find that something else works better for you.
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