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Jan 28, 2005
I guys,
I just found your discussion forum and it is fantastic. I am doing my MCAT for the third time now. I studied from TPR books for the previous two times. This time, I decided to switch EK books completly. The books are great except that really suck in the 30 min in class exams for physics and g-chem. :eek: . Does everybody have this problem? I found them so hard and confusing. I get between 8 and 10 on them but mostly 8's. For practise tests besides the AAMC ones, which is better, TPR or EK?
One last thing, I found verbal book of EK to be fantastic :laugh: . I'd highly recommend it


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Nov 21, 2004
i agree they are really hard and some of the questions and explanations are confusing.
i don't know if you remember the question in the inorganic book lecture 3 about which answer choice is the most logical conclusion from the argument of chemist A and chemist B. i think that question sucks


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Feb 24, 2005
I've actually been having a problem where I usually finish the 30 min exams in ~20 mins. My scores are ok (9 to 11) but obviously I'm doing something wrong (panicking and going too fast?), and going back and checking the answers is hard because I tend to lose my train of thought when I have to go back to questions from different passages. The EK books say that you shouldn't spend more than 2 mins on a question, but maybe it would be ok to spend more than 2 mins on a question if you're spending less than a minute on others? Or are these exams designed to have extra time? Does anyone have any thoughts?