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Jul 16, 2004
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Looking at all the EK material on the Wal-Mart website but I do not know which material to buy to do a complete program. If you used the material could you please tell me which of the books provided you with the most benefit.

Recent scores were PS-11, BS-11 and VR-6
Used TPR and EK 101......




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Apr 16, 2006
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i used the 1001 books for genchem, orgo, bio, and verbal
i took physics this year, so i didnt need the extra practice
i used the kaplan to study the material, though i probably would have been better off using EK's books

heres the thing though...i used the review books just for that: review. whenever i encountered something that I didn't understand completely, i looked it up in the textbook

all in all, a great set of books

39O: 12v, 14p, 13b
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