EK Verbal practice= trickola

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Hi guys, are the EK Verbal practice semi-tests really hard or am i just zonking out. I usually get 9's on the AAMC tests and I got a 9 on the real thing. yeah, yeah, I know- it's still not 12 or 13-15, but 9 would be okay. Funny thing is, I scored 7, 5, and 6 on the EK lecture (30 min) practice tests. Bummer dude. You know what it is- they aren't true-to-life. Rather, the passages are accurate but the questions seem to be more trick-question-like than what I've experienced on the real thing. What do you all think?


Similar to what I posted earlier, most of the prep. for EK is much more difficult than any other prep (except for biology)... The reason is to crank up your critical thinking skills. I just learned this. I was very frustrated scoring 6-7 on their mini-tests also, but when I went to AAMC, it was a breeze. I find Kaplan's material easier, and so it doesn't test your critical thinking ability as well. Good test takers have good critical thinking, which is what EK drills you on. Some people have naturally better critical thinking skills than others, and so when they enroll in Kaplan, they naturally do better. However, EK takes your critical thinking to a different level (I reason), which is how I improved my scores. Other people should post their experience between the two also (EK and the real deal), because I found it very frustrating with EK, though I improved in the end.