EK Verbal Strategy

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May 19, 2005
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Hey guys,
I couldnt get a hold of the EK Verbal workbook, so I was wondering if someone could give me a cliff notes version of the basic jist. What does EK say we should do for verbal, like techniques etc. to improve our scores?


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-read the passage actively and with arrogance
-read the whole thing through like you would a novel you're engrossed by, don't underline, circle, or annotate anything
-read the passages in order
-at the start of each passage, allow yourself 5 seconds to collect yourself and give your mind a break
-very rarely ever go back to the passage to answer Q's, use it only when all your other options are exhausted, and can finish the VR within the 85 minutes
-examine the question stems and break down the answer choices by simplifying them as much as possible, and analyze the information given by the question stems
-after reading through the passage, take a few seconds to form the main idea in your head
-when studying for VR, examine the question stems and form the main idea and stuff, and try not to look up the real explanation to the answer; try to justify the answer just from what you've got.

this isn't in any kind of order. there is also some stuff about question types and common traps and stuff. but yeah, that's pretty much it.