Apr 26, 2009
I don’t understand the explanation for the EK Verbal passage 10, question 8.

Which of the following opinions would the author be most likely to endorse?
A. In the case of more mature prostitutes, their pimps are often their lovers and boyfriends.
B. In the case of more mature prostitutes, they realize the importance of what they pay their pimp.
C. In the case of a novice prostitute, the pimp provides them valuable information on safety.
D. In the case of the novice prostitute, they recognize the pimp provides them with little.

I chose D because lines 42-44 “but even with minimal experience, a rational prostitute would find that her pimp provides little to justify his exorbitant fee.” This is what the author actually says in the passage, which I thought closely correlated with what’s said in choice D.

I definitely did not think that the author would endorse choice A—I read the explanation for both choices, and while I understand where the explanations are coming from I still do not agree with the answer. Could anyone shed light on this question?


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May 1, 2008
It could be an EK errata... I'm actually working on the EK's 101 Verbal passages right now. Test 10 is the next one up for me. I'll let you know if I get the right answer.


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Jun 17, 2009
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oh man... this was actually an EK passage... HOW did i miss this!!
this is amazing lol. this sounds like its out of a south park episode! lol

...but to actually contribute a little, just by the question, I would tell you my mind already has a strategy in mind. For this question, when you read the passage FULLY, look away, and remember what sticks out as the overall message. (You do this because you want to find the author's overall feelings) Then pick the TONE... for example, A sounds positive (talking about MATURE people, and lovers), D sounds negative (how they are treated poorly). My GUESS, cause i have not done this passage, is that the passage may show a slightly overall positive relationship between pimp and prostitute.