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Sep 20, 2006
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Hey everyone,

Verbal is my major weak point on this exam. So I've been using EK's Verbal 101 for some practice.

However, this book has 85 minute tests with 60 questions in it. To my understanding the new edition has changed to 60 min/40q.

I'm wondering if practicing with the 85min/60 is a good idea and will build up my endurance better, or should i go out and get the revised version for a more realisic practice?

opinions please!


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Sep 19, 2008
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I have both versions of the EK 101 (85min/60q and 60min/40q) and all of the passages are the same. All they did was take the first 7 passages from each test (I think there was 9/test in the old version) and elimitated some questions to get 40q's. The remaining 2 passages from each test were combined into a couple more practice tests.

I'd recommend just doing the first 7 passages of each test and 40 questions in that test. If you can get a hold of the newer version without buying it, you could see which q's they eliminated. Otherwise you can randomly eliminate some. I don't know the legality of posting the eliminated questions or I would.
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