EK VR Test 3: Psgs 4 & 6 #20 & #31 -What clues/hints are there re: correct ans?

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Oct 28, 2012
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EK VR Test 3: Passage 4 #20 (pg.56); & Passage 6 #31 (pg. 61)

C is correct in both questions

The author would argue that understanding the dimensions of a board will change is important to the study of cabinet making because it:

A. provides a basis for determining where the wood came from
B. explains why previous joints have failed
C. indicates how the board can be used
D. illustrates the way cabinets are made

Can you reply with any clues that C is the correct answer and not B? What tipped you off that C is correct? Please don't just quote the answer key.

The passage suggests that it's author would probably disagree with which of the following statements?

A. The authoring of a book can be very lucrative
B. Publisher's profits depend on book sales
C. For the most part, royalty payments will determine an author's compensation
D. Most publishers will try to take advantage of a naive or first-time author

How can you tell that royalties are NOT the same thing as book sales? Or what hints are there that C is correct and not B, if you didn't know that?