Hey jeff,

waddup bro?!

listen, about all your questions about UCI, you should definitely ask Kazzar, he knows everything..and I get all my information from him...

he is one kewl dude

:cool: I'm meeting him hopefully this wednesday, too bad you can't join us for lunch...

in terms of the matchlist, I don't have it, I heard you can request them to fax it to you :) so you can make ur decision by monday...

apparently, 8 or 9 got into top 10 schools, and everybody else matched in california :)

in terms of class hours, apparently it is from 8 to 2, or 8 12 on some days and later on changes to 10 to 2 or 12 to 5 depending on labs...

anyway, you have two great choices...to be honest, I really wanted to go a private school more because I wanted to move out of california...

but when I saw the cost statement of UCI, and it says pay only 3,500$ for tuition this fall...

I started to grin from ear to ear :D

anyway, best of luck to u...I'm sure u will be happy wherever u go hehe :)

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Jan 14, 2002
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I thought that the "tuition" was covered by the state and CA residents only had to pay ~$9500 in "additional fees". Hell even at $25000 it would be a lot cheaper than USC. Well, still don't know which to choose... gotta call UCI back soon though.


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Jun 26, 2002
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i was told in the uci waiting list thread that 25k is in loans and 1500$ is in grants. am i missing something here?
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