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Nov 25, 2004
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I am an IMG going for a categorical gen surgery residency for the 2006 match. right now am doing my internship and giving the USMLE steps. I have 1 month clinical experience in gen surgery in july, 2003 (when i was starting my final year) with 2 good letters of recommendations.
Now the dilemma I am in is that should I go for another 1 month's externship/elective in general surgery before July (after which I graduate so no longer eligible for externship)


should I go for 1 month's externship/elective in some fellowship field like cardiothoracic surgery or colorectal surgery


should i go for a research position in gen surgery for a month in US


should I study for an extra month for step 2 (5 months instead of 4) and thus get a better step 2 score.
am giving step1 in april beginning. and cs sometime in june.

Another thing, how much US clinical experience is enough experience, and should it all be in general surgery only?

to sum it up, is a 95-96 with 2 months of clinical experience better or a 98 with 1 month of clinical experience (scores are hypothetical - desired ones haha)