Medical Electrical Engineer to MD/PhD applicant - how is research and development industry experience viewed?

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Oct 14, 2011
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I'm a master's EE student with a BS in EE as well, applying to MD/PhD programs in the 2021 cycle. I have significant industry experience working at medtech startups on heavily-experimental research and development projects, and was wondering whether it would be appropriate to include these experiences in:

- my total "significant research hours" in my AMCAS application
- discuss them in my significant research experience MD/PhD essay for AMCAS

I took a gap year during undergrad and a summer to do industry work, and as I'm applying straight-through without additional gap years, whether I include these hours or not will significantly influence my total research hour count (~1200 in academic research labs only, to ~4000 total if I include).

I'd very much appreciate an informed opinion on this. I don't want to falsely inflate my research background as defined by adcoms, though in my personal opinion the work I did should qualify as research (it was highly-technical and involved a publication and a patent). However, being a small medtech startup, I was working independently and not with a professor in a university lab.

Thank you very much
My opinion is that I don't see a real problem with it. Research does happen in industry. Did this research contribute to your master's?
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