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Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by mcprotein, Jun 11, 2001.

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    Anyone know antyhing about the competitiveness in EM/IM residencies in Arizona( for a DO)? thanx. MCP
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    I have been researching EM residencies in the southwest. Here are my impressions:

    --There are very few. As far as I know, the complete list is:
    ? U of New Mexico
    ? U of Arizona
    ? Maricopa Medical Center (Phoenix)
    ? a few more if you count Texas (which I would) and southern California (which I wouldn't)

    --Of the 3 programs above, UNM seems to be the most competitive, with most of their residents coming from well-ranked US MD schools. UAZ is next, with most residents coming from decent US MD schools. Maricopa in Phoenix is a bit less academic and has, in their current PGY I class, two DO's and even an IMG (from Ross, of all places).

    All 3 of these are 3 year programs.

    As for Internal Medicine, there are more options, including one sponsored by the Mayo clinic. I don't think any of them are out of the reach of a DO graduate.

    Hope that helps.

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