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Aug 23, 2001
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Hi all!

I was wondering if anybody who is currently an United States M.D. graduate in an Emergency Medicine residency program (intern or resident) would be willing to let me know what your USMLE scores were, where you matched, and generally what your grades were like in the 3rd year of medical school. I know this is fairly personal info, so if you only wnat to give ballpark figures, I understand. I just have heard so many conflicting reports about the difficulty of matching in EM that I'd love to hear some real-world answers to these questions from people who actually made the cut, and what they think made the difference for them getting in. Thanks a ton!!

--An interested EM applicant

PS--Do you think having an MPH would have helped getting in? :D


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Sep 6, 2001
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Hi JustMe:

You might want to email the reviewers of EM programs on scutwork.com directly. You have better chance approaching privately and directly. Hope this helps.




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Apr 7, 1999
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Don't get caught up in what you hear about board scores and class ranks.....If you want to be a EM doc...apply to all the programs that you are willing to attend and see what happens. Knowing what my or anyone else's board scores were will not make any difference on your chances for acceptance into a EM program. JUST DO IT....


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Aug 7, 2001
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An MPH would only help if you wanted to get into a big research program or if you wanted to do academics. Get rec's from some 'big names' who know you and apply. There are just not enough AOAs with 250+ board scores to go around :)
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Jun 21, 2001
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There was a recent article in Academic Emergency Medicine that said getting a letter from a "lesser doc" (vs. "big name doc") can be to your advantage if the lesser one knows you well, and touts you as a GM (Guaranteed Match).

Getting an outstanding letter from an EM faculty member far, far outweighted a good letter from a "big name" doc. The only things more important than the letter, according to the article, was your clerkship grade in EM (and maybe surgery).
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