:laugh: ok don't be afraid of the magnitude of genius demonstrated - i didn't scroll down, its all there. brilliant.
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Mr. H

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Dec 11, 2001
yeah, I just got it this morning. You know, it doesn't even look half-bad! I was expecting hella essays but it seems reasonable.


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Jun 9, 2002
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ha ha, i had the same deal jot. I kept hitting "save and go to next page" trying to figure out where the rest of the secondary was, before seeing the scroll bar on the right. doing secondaries too early in the morning never works. pretty simple stuff though

oh, as far as emory's tardiness, get used to it. If med school admissions are anything like every other aspect of the school, i'd suggest compulsively updating your application, making copies of everything. I along with any other emoroids out there have horror stories a plenty of school bureaucracy dropping the ball, so dont be suprised if it takes them a while.


ok i completed the app in record time for md and md/phd - 20 minutes and i saved it. i was about to send in the release form but when i checked the supplemental again i either get an error or my information is gone. its no prb cause i have it all - but it doesn't help them out much. anybody else have this problem? i e-mailed them, find out what they'll say soon.
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