Aug 25, 2017
Hi everyone, I have just recently made an account, however I am not that new to SDN. I am a 23 year old going to a community college in the pre med program. This is my second semester. My work has bumped me up to full time now because we only have three staff to cover 24 hours in a group home for DD adults. The big wigs came today and they complained about everything in the home. So they are wanting us to keep everything in top shape 24/7. As you can probably imagine this is impossible on top of dealing with the clients. As you can also imagine I am very very busy and very very tired. This is leading me to possibly look at different, less stressful jobs. I was talking to a friend who is in her first year of med school, and she said that Adcoms really look for passion in the applicants work and academic history. So I was in the military for two years, I have held three other jobs. One for six months, a year, and my current one is going on nine months now. I am worried that if I quit this job, in the future when I apply to medical school, they might think that I haven't had a stable work history because it seems that I work for awhile, and then get tired and find another job. Which in turn could leave room to think that I don't have a lot of passion for what I do, on paper anyways. I guess my questions are, how much does work stability really matter? Am I being too paranoid or cautious? Im not saying I'm going to quit if someone says it wouldn't really affect anything, I'm just generally curious and I couldn't really find anything with this type of situation.


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Sep 4, 2006
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1) Adcoms really look for passion in the applicants work and academic history.

2) how much does work stability really matter?
1) We'd like to see passion for "something," whether it be a hobby, artisitc endeavor, sport, teaching, research, volunteer experience, or work. We don't expect to see passion in everything you do.

2) We'd like to see that you have at least a year of involvement with some activities, not with all of them. Work is for earning money to live on and pay for school. Short-term or seasonal employment isn't uncommon for students. We don't expect passion about entry-level positions.
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