English for a major? To become a DDS.

Discussion in 'Dental' started by MBSTX, Sep 10, 2000.

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    I'm a High School Junior and my best subject in HS is AP/College English, but I do not think that represents how well I'll do in dentistry.

    Can I major in something like English or Writing and still have a good chance of getting into Dental School?

    I soon plan on volunteering for a local orthodontist or oxio-maxofacial surgeon.

    My GPA I think is right now a 3.4
    Throughout HS I've took advanced and honors courses, except in math, which I am weak in.

    Your replies would be most helpful,

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    You can major in anything you want to major in. Dental schools do not care what you major in, as long as you can show them that you have a strong science foundation. So if you decide to be a non-science major, then you will have to take many science classes in addition to your GE and major classes to prove that you can handle science classes (you would have to take the required classes to get into dental school, at the least). Taking additional science classes besides the required classes would probably be beneficial when it's time to take the DAT.

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