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Feb 18, 2002
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I'm going to be a sophomore this coming year, and I am in the Honors College at my school. At my school those who are in the honors program take Honors Composition as their English instead of the normal English. Honors Comp is much much more rigorous and demanding, so the school allows us to use Honors Comp to meet the 6 hours of required English in order to graduate even though we only get 3 hours credit.

I know most med schools want 1 year (6 hrs) of English before you can matriculate. Will they count my 3 hours of Honors Comp to meet their 6 hours of English since my school says we are proficient in that area?


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Jun 21, 2002
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i would take another english course. my school the freshmen english requirement is just one semester, but i had ap credit for it and im going to prolly take english for nonmajors and a lit class to make up for it. so i would take like an easier english class if possible.


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Jun 7, 2001
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I tested out of college English courses. However, some med schools would not accept my testing out and told me before being allowed to matriculate, I'd have to take the 6 or 8 credits of English they required. This was a problem for me given that I took time off in between college and med school and was working full time while applying. Other med schools did not require the extra classes. The result: I went to a school that didn't make me take any English classes between acceptance and matriculation; trying to find a way to take 2 english classes on such short notice was way too stressful. I suggest taking another English class just in case; it may be a pain but it may make a huge difference down the road. Also, med schools vary a lot in how strictly they adhere to class/credit requirements---at some schools they might be ok with the Honors class being equivalent to 6 credits, but others will only look at the fact that said course is 3 credits.


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Nov 20, 2001
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I only have 2 quarters (10 credits) of English including eng Composition.

Another class was a "W" writing requirement at school, but taught by the bio dept.

Am I going to be in trouble in this app process???
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