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English Requirement and AP Credit at These Schools?


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Mar 1, 2008
  1. Pre-Medical
    So I just realized that I should probably take a writing course under the English department since many schools specifically want English. I saw this website posted on these forums (http://www.haverford.edu/deans/prehealth/documents/english_requirements.pdf) but I don't really trust it since i saw some info that was blatantly wrong/contradicted info on actual med schools sites. I went through several of the specific med school websites to look for information and did several searches, yet the following schools either did not have information or were ambiguous on their English requirements and whether they accept AP credit or whether they accept other writing intensive courses:

    Mt. Sinai (1 year English, very little clarifying info)
    Columbia (1 year English, talks about AP credit for bio and chem, nothing about credit for English though)
    Drexel (1 year English, no info on AP)
    Stony Brook (1 year English, no info on AP)
    Boston University (1 year English, mention of AP but ambiguous as to whether or not they will actually accept it)

    So for MSSM, Colubia, Drexel, Stony Brook, and BU; does anyone have info on whether these schools will accept AP credit (I have 3 credits from AP English) or writing intensive courses not in English (I have 2 freshman writing seminars - one nonscience and one science)? Thanks!
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