Aug 3, 2015
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Hey all.

I am currently attending Georgia Tech, and I have a question about if and if so how to fill up for my AP English credit.

I don't think Georgia Tech has an English department because it only has two classes that have ENGL:
ENGL 1101
ENGL 1102 (ENGL 1101 is a prerequisite)

I opted out of ENGL 1101 and took ENGL 1102 straightaway during my freshman year. Looking back, I am thinking whether to take ENGL 1101 to fill up the void left by AP credit...
If there were upper-level ENGL classes at Tech, I would have gladly taken it, but there are only two official ENGL classes.
Is it okay to go back and take ENGL 1101 AFTER have taken ENGL 1102?
Should I consider taking another writing-intensive class that is outside of ENGL label? If so, how can I convince medical schools that it is in fact capable of replacing 1 semester of English?

Thanks for the help!


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Jul 20, 2014
Remember that not all med schools accept AP credit.

You should be able to take the class you opted out of, but I would talk to an advisor for specifics.

A writing intensive upper division course is something I ended up doing. If it has literature, composition, or writing in the name, then I think you're in safe waters. Some schools allow you to indicate which courses you intend to fulfill your prereqs through their secondaries, but not all. So Im not sure about those humanities courses that aren't so obvious as to whether they fulfill the english requirement. I know some schools prefer that the coursework be from an ENGL department though, but that seems to be the minority.


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Jun 29, 2015
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Just take one more 1 semester English class that you can get an A in so everything is out of the realm of question.