Oct 23, 2013
Medical Student
I was wondering how strict medical schools are with their English requirement. I had AP credit for English I and II so I did not take any English in college. Instead, I picked up a minor in Medical Anthropology, which has a lot of writing components to it. I am also writing a thesis for an Honors degree. Will admissions let this requirement slide? Or should I try to work in two upper division English courses?
Aug 8, 2013
Medical Student
Is your AP credit on your college transcript? If it is, you just have to check with schools if they accept AP credit (many do). I was in the same position and took a Russian Lit course in the Russian department - as far as I know that counts as English :)

My intuition is that you should take at least one literature/english/writing course. Thesising doesn't really count towards writing because science writing is a completely different animal.


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Jul 22, 2011
Medical Student
My pre-health advisor told us that sometimes schools will email you telling you that you didn't fulfill their English requirements. If your pre-health advisor is aware of which courses at your university should fulfill the English requirement for med schools, your pre-health advisor can just email the school telling them a certain course you took should fulfill the English course requirement if a school contacts you. My pre-health advisor said he's dealt with this issue a couple times, and he says that schools have always accepted his explanation.