Jun 21, 2013
Hello all,

I know a lot of people here already have HPSP scholarships but I was wondering what I should do if I want to join the Army or AirForce without the scholarship after graduation.

What would be the timeline and things I should do? What was your experience like?



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Aug 10, 2014
Alterac Valley
You would commission as a direct accession.

Here are the steps for the Air Force (pulled from a packet that my Air Force recruiter gave me):

1) Initial Interview with Health Professions Dental Corps Recruiter (this is just an introductory meeting)
2) Complete & Submit applicant workbook + required documentation
3) Complete Medical Examination at MEPS
4) Complete Dental credentialing process with AFCCVO (central source for credentials verification for the Air Force Recruiting Service & Air Force Medical Service)
5) Complete Interview with an Air Force Dental Corps member
6) Forward Application to Dental Corps for review and selection

Timeline: 45-60 days.

So contact your nearest health professions recruiter (you can find one using this link: https://www.airforce.com/find-a-recruiter)

Good luck!