Enough with the "this school vs. that school" polls


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Oct 8, 2003
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    I mean, if you picked the schools to apply to in the first place and visited them in person for an interview, do you really think that an anonymous SDN poll is going to help you with the decision? Aren't we talking about the next four years of your life and the future of your career?



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    Apr 17, 2003
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      Haha! You're totally right... I guess I just don't know which one (Einstein or Jeff) I should choose to withdraw from... I wasn't particularly thrilled with either one, but I also didn't dislike either... they were both just 'eh, ok, good school'. I'd like to withdraw from one soon so that I can open up a spot for someone on a waitlist... I was just looking for some opinions to help me out. But you have a point...
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      Nov 25, 2002
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        well i dont think we have even seen the peak of these threads. just wait until april and may. hey who knows. you might even seem me doing something like that in the future ;).

        but its good if one person does em cause then we can end up doing a search on all the comments people have made and check up on them as we make our own decisions.

        yeah it might get annoying like doc-cyn but unlike his posts, these will have information that some or most of us will be interested in.


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        Aug 30, 2003
          even if you do a search, the status of a school two years ago, doesn't mean today. And the schools you're wanting to compare may not have already been compared.

          Again, if you don't want to read them, don't. I think if people want opinions on different schools, comparisons, that's fine to ask. What else is this forum for? So, shut up.
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