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Jun 9, 2001
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I was looking online recently for info about the ENT program at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, CA and noticed it was a community-based program. No surprise, since it's Kaiser and they don't do research. Anyway, my question.... What kind of ENT subspecialties are out there? I'm starting to look into ENT possibly, and I really want to go back to the bay area. I'm MSII and so I haven't taken Step 1, and although I'm hoping I'll do quite well, I also don't expect to get into UCSF for ENT! Do many ENT docs do ENT fellowships? I'm only wondering because I want to know what I'd be missing out on if I went to a community-based program. In a field as competitive to get into as ENT, will ENT fellowship programs still look down on community-based programs? I know Stanford's also got a program for ENT that's university-based, but still that's only 3 programs in the SF area. Anyone know anything about this, or about this ENT program at Kaiser in Oakland? Thanks...

:confused: - me after my Path & Microbio exams today :D


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Sep 21, 2002
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dave, i am applying to ENT this year as MSIV student
there is otology, which is particularly related to balance, and hearing loss issues. they do cochlear implants, mastoid resections, and the like.
there is pediatric otolaryngology, which deals with all pediatric issues, lots of cleft palates/lips, and recurrent Otitis cases, and more
Also, there is facial plastics, which is facelifts, rhinoplasty, etc.
All of these are b/w 1-2 years of extra study after residency.
there are probably more, an ENT doc could probably help you more. I like pediatric stuff a lot, that sounds very satisfying, many are very active in SMILE programs where they go to foreign countries to repair congenital deformities.
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