ERAS 2007: Any UK IMGs out there?

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Su Little

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May 29, 2006
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I heard a rumor today that an increasing proportion of IMGs applying to residencies this year are from the UK. (Not surprising really...given the SHO crisis at the moment)

I thought I would start this thread as a common link for any UK grads to share experiences about the 2007 interview trail.

This might explain why all the programs are saying they have had "an extremely large number of highly qualified applicants this year"...for example over 1800 at Michael Reese in Chicago).

If you are a UK grad, I want to hear from you. Please add the following details:
1) UK medical school
2) level of training completed in UK.
3) Specialty
4) Step 1/2/3 score
5) MRCP status
6) Visa status

My info:
UCL grad 2002
1 year house job at Watford General & Mount Vernon Hospital.
Neurology residency started Jan 2004 at Hopkins to graduate this December.
Applying to transitional/preliminary year IM positions in Chicago for 2007.
Step 1/2/3 - 94/96/pending
Green card

(If you are wondering why I'm doing my IM year AFTER's a long story but if you are interested...find my on LanceArmstrong's thread: "IMGs on the 2007 interview season"


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Please also add number of programs applied/#interviews and where!
Guess that rumor was wrong...either there aren't any UK grads out there or that they are all too shy to reply to this thread.

Good Luck!
Curious- I'm an Australian student right now but I'm wondering why you have decided to go to the US after doing 1 year in the UK?

Also, was it hard for you to get your green card and can you write Step 3 without having worked in the US first? (i.e. without starting a residency?)