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Jun 30, 2001
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Can anyone clarify the policy of ERAS on Step 2 scores for me? I'd like to see my Step 2 score before I decide whether or not to release it, but I also want to take it as early in my fourth year as possible. I know that you can decide NOT to authorize automatic transmission of updated scores, but when you initially sign up for ERAS and release your scores, all scores on your transcript as of that date are released. So when is the earliest you can do that? I'm afraid that if I take the test in early August, my scores might not be officially released from ERAS until September and then my Step 2 scores will automatically go with Step 1. Does anyone know the earliest time I could take Step 2 and still keep my scores "hidden"? Thanks!!

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Apr 9, 2000
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Depends on your program deadlines. For example, if the individual programs to which you are applying have a deadline of November 1, then you *might* be able to safely take Step 2 as "early" as mid-October without the scores being reported.

HOWEVER, this is based on the assumption that the programs will not download anything received via the ERAS server after their deadline. In my experience, some programs downloaded whatever they received, whenever they received it, and others wouldn't accept anything after the deadline.

The only way to be sure is to take the test AFTER ALL deadlines, including that of ERAS so you can be assured it won't be downloaded or choose not to release the scores and then submit them at a later date *usually by faxing them to programs8 if the scores are up to snuff.
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