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Jan 15, 2016
I've submitted a couple of abstracts to lead breakout sessions at a national conference, however, the results won't be released until likely end of July, which is obviously after submitting fellowship applications. Even though anything that is "pending" typically isn't listed in your ERAS app, I really want to because it may help set me apart from others.

FYI: I'm IMG, need visa, and applying for competitive fellowship. Anything helps!

Is it that big a deal to list something that's pending... or is it worth doing and at least it's something that you can discuss on interviews (whether it's accepted or not).
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Dec 5, 2014
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When I applied you could list research projects under activities (as opposed to publications). That's probably the best place to put research that hasn't resulted in any accepted abstracts or manuscripts. For manuscripts specifically I think you can list them as "submitted" but I recall there wasn't a way to list a submitted poster abstract.
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