ERAS is even more stressful than AMCAS

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Sep 27, 2007
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does it also ask you to list all your activities and give a blurb like AMCAS?? or how about typing out your entire transcript like the AMCAS requires??

AMCAS was dreadful!! I can't image how bad the ERAS process will be!
Yes on the activities. The transcript is automatically uploaded by your school. However, getting LoRs is much worse than it was for AMCAS IMO.
Im filling it out now and i'm wondering whether to include every little half day volunteering experience. What do yall think?
I'm trying not to make my application too fluffy by including lots of irrelevant crap. At this point, I assume that everyone has seen many levels of bull, and they're not going to be faked out by anything I've got. So I'm sticking to the truth.


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May 24, 2009
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Question about ERAS:

So, I've been told that the PS should be one page, one page only. I have my pretty one page word document that I spent too much time on...I load it into ERAS-how am I suppose to know if it comes to one page or not??? ERAS allows 25,000 characters....doesn't give margin specifications-only font size.

Also, does anyone know how to put a publication into ERAS that has been submitted but not published as of yet?

(btw, I find ERAS to be very annoying) :)


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Aug 28, 2007
yeah, this feels a lot like AMCAS again.

the PS is killing me. i don't have anything meaningful to say about why i want to be a resident right now. and my letter writers want to see it so i hope something comes to me soon.

Same here!!



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Jul 13, 2007
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I'm still working on my PS and letters too...any idea of a general date this stuff should be in by?

Depends on what you're applying to. Some specialties (like FM) have rolling interview offers, so it's advantageous to get everything in an complete early. Other specialties (typically the more competitive ones) have deadlines in October and don't download any of their applications until that time, then sift through to see what they got before offering interviews. Best to ask your home institutions PD where you field lies on the spectrum.

Most programs realize that letters will be a little later to arrive. But I'd get your PS done and have your part submitted asap at very least.
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