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Jul 20, 2002
frigid cold place
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what type of ethical/moral dilemmas have people gone through? is it an ethical/moral dilemma to ask for some ideas for this type of essay? i'm just stuck here...thinking about writing about RA experiences...don't really know though...any thoughts?


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Aug 17, 2002
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I liked the one question I got where I had to describe an ethical or moral dilemma, but it couldn't be academic/cheating in nature. Considering I've spend almost all of my life in school, in a position of lower responsibility where ethical and moral dilemmas are taken care of by the older and wiser, I just have _tons_ of experience to draw upon.

Maybe I should just go watch "Twelve Angry Men"....


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Aug 12, 2002
Chicago, IL
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That's a tough question...

It would be easy for me to answer, because of my religion. But I'm sure as an RA you have tons of experiences to draw from. Also think of your relationships with your friends, you must have been torn at some point with them. And also, there's got to be something involving parents, there always is.

That's all I can think of.
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Aug 10, 2000
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awww it was just a joke
probably a good idea to delete the post anyway. you never know who's reading these forums...

my ethical dilemma has a unique spin I think. i hope the readers don't think it's dumb.
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