Sep 25, 2014
Medical Student
In case of a bacteremia with a gram + cocci, according to American guidelines vancomycin is started as an empiric treatment until the cultures and antibiogram are obtained. This is the case in the US since the prevalence of HA-MRSA can be up to 50% of all the staph aureus bacteremia.
In some European countries, like the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands, the prevalence of MRSA can be less than 1%, so I would expect the use of vancomycin as an empiric treatment to differ.
I tried to research about the topic, but the best I could find was a study that shows the absence of a consensus in Europe over the guidelines probably due to the difference in the prevalence of MRSA across the continent, but the study didn't specify what the guidelines were in different European countries.

Does anyone happen to know the guidelines for an empiric treatment for gram + cocci in blood in any of the Scandinavian countries or the Netherlands?