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    As a pre-med in California, I've always assumed that American medical schools were the only way to go. During some recent travels I've been dramatically inspired by some Europeans I've met, and now I'm tossing around the idea of European medical schools.

    However, I don't speak any European languages fluently - is this a problem? After studying in the UK for a while, I'm tending to shy away from British schools for various reasons, so a mainland European school is what I'd be looking for. I've heard some teach in English.

    I'm a fairly competitive applicant, so I'd like to go to a reputable school, though it seems from what I've read that I'll be taking a hit if I leave the US.

    I'll have an MS in biomedical engineering when I apply (with all the US premed classes), so how would this affect my coursework?

    Any words of wisdom? Thanks everyone!
  2. Hi!
    In my opinion European Universities are great, similar to US med schools but the problem is that if I was you I would stay in the US not for the quality of the Universities because if you do it in a foreign medical school you will be an IMG and even you have a lot of chances of getting a good residency some specialties very very competitive are very difficult to get being IMG.
    In relation if you can accede to an European med school I would recommend you in your situation a med school from Ireland or UK, not because are better ( I don?t think so ) because without speaking french, german, spanish or another european language is almost impossible to get a position
    ( obviously, is like if I try to go to a US med school without speak english ).
    Also in the Irish and British med schools are used to get students from US.
    In my opinion if you are asking which countries I would choose for best med schools I would say : Germany, France, Spain.
    but in these countries is extremely difficult to get a position.
    Also in my opinion the highest quality of life to stay of all the european countries is without any doubt in Spain or France.
    In Spain ( my country ) you need to pass an exam ( maths, biology, biochemistry, spanish, physics, literature, english, molecular biology and philosophy ), with your score you can choose your university and your career, but medicine is the most difficult one and very few people can accede, otherwise European universities are public ( almost all ) and you only pay a little fee.
    Also in Spain is 6 years, UK 5 years, Germany 6 years and France 8 years.
    You can check my university at or my hospital training at

    Ask me what ever you want.

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