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Jan 20, 2005
I got an email from one of my LOR writers that an ADCOM called him to talk about his LOR. I was curious to know if this happens often (ADCOMS calling LOR writers) or is just because he is an alumni at the particular medical school that called him. This is before an interview as well. Havent heard a peep from this school for over 2 months.


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May 22, 2005
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jackets.. aren't you the same poster that asked about penalties for forgery? Hmm... looking a bit suspicious.
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Oct 2, 2005
Maybe it's a "sniff test"?

It's possible that your letter writer mentioned something in the letter that conflicted with what you said in your application, and perhaps the school is calling to clarify/ verify with the writer.

Or... maybe you're borderline and they're using your letter writer's opinion as a pseudo pre-interview of sorts. Perhaps they value his/her opinion since he/she is an alum.

Just a few ideas...
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