Jun 1, 2009
does anyone have an idea about the residency program. What is the patient population like, what is the level of teaching etc.?



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Jul 19, 2007
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Interviewed there a couple of years back - lots of caribbean grads, mediocre teaching, have a vA. have ID fellowship with endocrine and were planning on starting cards and critical care - don't know what happene, back loaded program residents appeared more of partying type than serious ones.
Aug 27, 2009
EVMS is a great, smaller program (around 10 categoricals/year; total of about 45 residents)!! The hospital is a 550+ bed facility and the patient population is very diverse. You will see a broad spectrum of morbidity (AIDS, Sickle Cell, CHF, STEMI, etc, transplant patients, etc). And the attendings are the best around. They are top-notch teachers and VERY approachable. The program definitely has a community feel - everyone looking out for one another. There are a few International Medical grads, however, most of them are at the top of their class. There are plenty of research opportunities available, and in fact, a project is required to graduate. If you are interested in a fellowship, about 50% of our graduates go on to a fellowship (including Cardiology, ID, Endocrine, Nephrology, Geriatrics). The other 50% do hospitalist medicine or outpatient medicine. EVMS will provide a GREAT education in an environment you won't want to leave. I truly believe this program is a hidden gem...gotta see it to believe it!!