EVMS vs. Mizzou (IS)

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Jan 20, 2020
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  • Loved the Norfolk area (Virginia Beach, warm weather)
  • Have a friend that's relatively close by so I will have a little support system
  • I liked the Curriculum here. Ultrasound focus in the curriculum as well as an emphasis on standardized patients sounded really cool. Additionally assigned virtual family throughout the year to integrate concepts learned in class into a clinical/real-world scenario (however I don't know too much about the specifics of how this works).
  • Pretty good match list
  • Community-focused and I really felt wanted here at EVMS
  • Students seemed generally happier to be there (I interviewed here last year as well). Also, felt that the school really supported their students and listened to their input
  • Loved the facilities and the hospital (has free standing Children's hospital too). Since it's near, a naval base might also lead to seeing interesting cases. Additionally, has a lot more clinical rotation sites.
  • Significantly more expensive (p<0.05)
  • Not a lot of focus on research but still available
  • Farther away from home

Mizzou (Currently on alt. list)


  • IS tuition!!!
  • Patient Based Learning (PBL) curriculum: Focuses on a case each week (MWF) and assigns certain roles to the students (leader, scribe, etc.). Students make objectives for the case and research and present on topics related to the case that were unknown during the beginning of the week. Finally, at the end of the week, they finish and essentially tie loose ends by learning about the case fully from the moderator.
    • I toured the school a while back and we had a chance to go through and had the chance to engage in this curriculum and I actually enjoyed it. It also has had great outcomes in Step scores, which is not as important for step 1 anymore, but it still shows that they are effectively teaching the material.
  • Close to home and have many friends that are attending so will have a good support system
  • Great record with match-list in all specialties
  • Two clinical rotation sites: Springfield or Columbia
  • The new NextGen Precision Health research facility will be completed this year and will be collaborating with other schools in the Missouri area to improve on research which will be pretty important in the future (especially since there will be a greater emphasis on research with Step 1 being P/F). Also, I am interested in clinical research.


  • Although I liked PBL, I have heard from my friends there that attend that it gets old after a while and feels like you are teaching the material yourself for the most part. Somewhat worried that it won't be as enjoyable and engaging as I want or over the two years (would like to hear from a current student if possible).
  • Although Mizzou is close to home, I feel like I have been in the area forever. Personally, it would be nice to branch out and do something different in my life and experience a new area/people while in med school.
  • Mainly a college town with not a lot to do here.
  • Although they have a really strong match list from previous years, I'm worried that this was probably due to the higher step 1 scores, which gave the students the opportunity to go to more competitive/stronger residencies.

Note* Currently on the alt. list for Mizzou, but wanted to plan ahead in the event if I hear back so I can make a quicker decision.

I personally know Mizzou a lot more hence why there is a lot more information than EVMS. Would like to hear from anybody from both schools, especially anyone from EVMS that may add on to something since I don't know as much about the school. As of right now, I think the smarter choice is probably Mizzou primarily due to cost and friends in the area (as well as a sentimental value since this has always been the school I pictured myself going to ever since high school). However, I also was surprised by EVMS and really liked everyone and the environment there. It has a mostly traditional curriculum with a focus on patient care via standardized patients, virtual families, and community work. It was also really nice to experience something new after living in Missouri for 10 years. The major downside to wanting to go to a new area is the almost $200,000 increased price tag.

I would love to hear any personal experiences from both schools on clinical rotations and other strengths/weaknesses from the school that I might've missed.