Evolutionary biology major

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Jan 13, 2004
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I'm now a second year student in a junior college, and I'll be applying to transfer now to some universities. The thing is, I want to major in evolutionary biology.
Two questions:
1. Which schools would have great EEB programs?
2. As far as getting into med school goes, would I be better off with some other bio concentration instead of EEB?


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It does not matter what you major in, pick what interests you. You just have to complete all the pre-reqs for the medical schools you apply to.
My major was technially "General Biology," but that was practically identical to the EEB major with a few exceptions. Both were in the same department. I liked Arizona's program.

As for getting into med school. I got in with that major. Not necessarily the most useful when it comes to stuff you learn in those classes. We haven't gone out to count cacti in med school yet (ecology), or discussed naked mole rats (evolution).

The stuff I found most useful for med school were the random classes I took at major electives (Immunology, Endocrine Phys).

Dr. Funk majored in evolutionary bio too.
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UCLA has a great program!!! I majored in marine biology, but there were a lot of similarities between the majors. The really cool thing about it is that you are required to do a field biology or marine biology quarter, during which you go someplace (I went to Australia), design your own group research project, and have the chance at publishing a paper. They next program is in Africa!!! How awesome is that?! Check out www.eeb.ucla.edu for more info!
Definitely go with an Evolutionary bio program if that is what you are most interested in. It should not hurt you at all for you med school apps (my Masters emphasis was in biological systematics and incorporated both molecular genetics and comparative morphology research). Just makes sure you can tie it in to your interests in medicine later on when you apply to med schools.
that dr. funk majored in evolutionary bio is freaking me out. at my university, one of our teachers dr. funk teaches in the evolutionary bio dept. it'd be superweird if he had an sdn account.
It doesn't even matter a tiny bit what you major in. Do whatever you feel like you will enjoy.