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Ex USMLE I Candidates ..

Discussion in 'General International Discussion' started by SYD, Jun 15, 2002.

  1. SYD


    I appreciate all your answers..

    I am going to stick to FA only for Biochem, Micro
    and Immunology.

    For Behav Science I am using High yield now, will read BRS a bit later..

    I dunno why and how people like QBank cf Q books,
    For me Q book is more conveient because I can write things on it and hopefully see the difficult ones during the last week.

    Did anybody feel the same ?
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  3. SYD


    Its me again,

    I guess I am the only one awake at this time, because I am on the other side of the planet..

    Anyway, I am writing to find out about the "high yield " thing.

    My understanding is what is high yield in USMLE I( Highly likely to appear in USMLE I ??) is not nessesarily in high yield series. Am I right Or Am I disorientated with USMLE induced delirium ??

    I am planning to get Biochem and pharm High Yield series, just by having gone through the FA back pages thought would be a good idea.

    Any comments.. :)

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