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exam master-is the product helpful or not

Discussion in 'Medical Students - MD' started by avi newman, Jun 21, 2000.

  1. avi newman

    avi newman Member

    Oct 29, 1999
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    Just as I was congratulating myself on finally ordering exam master for step 1 and for step 2, along came two of my classmates telling me, "No, no, no. It is no good. The questions are from left field and the explanations erratic." Needless to say, those coments set me aback and I do not know now what I should do.
    I know that going over questions is an effective study method for me. But I would like some feedback from people who have experience with the product so I will have an idea if I should keep it and use it, or send it back for a refund.
    Thanks for any help you can give me!!!!! Avi
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  3. Snoopy

    Snoopy Senior Member

    Jun 10, 2000
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    You can get great reviews of USMLE review books at www.medschool.com by registering for their website. The reviews are the same as those found in the First Aid book and additional reviews are written by individual students. Once you are signed in go to "Book Reviews." They have books sorted by individual subjects and a section for comprehensive books as well.
  4. Newdoc2002

    Newdoc2002 Senior Member

    Apr 18, 1999
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    Attending Physician
    No, Exam Master is Crap Master. There are few clinical oriented questions (20 out of 8000)on the Step 1 review. The format is nothing like the actual USMLE, except it's on the computer. The questions are picky and detailed and most are 1st order too. Among test prep software there are many other options to choose. Exam Master should not be one of them.

    The company never did respond to my concerns. They just took the money and shut the door. Don't let the same happen to you!!!!

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