ExamKrackers Complete Study Guide, Audio Osmosis, BS 1001, Ch 1001; BR Gen Chem

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Dec 6, 2008
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Just in time for Christmas :)

SOLD ExamKrackers Complete Study Guide includes 5 books and 1 full length practice exam
- Verbal Reasoning and Mathematical Techniques
- Physics
- General Chemistry
- Biology
- Organic Chemistry (no flash cards)
- Practice Exam 1H
good condition - some wear on cover, very few scattered highlights and pencil marks - $80

SOLD 1001 Biology - very good condition, few pencil marks $12

SOLD 1001 Chemistry - very good condition, few pencil marks $12

Still Available Audio Osmosis CDs - 12 original discs in original package
very good condition - no skips or problems with CDs $55

SOLD Berkley Review General Chemistry - 2 books - very good condition, few pencil marks $25

If you want everything, I will sell it for $160. Such a deal!

Shipping charges at actual cost.

pm me if interested.

p.s. (Hope it works for you. It got me into med school. :luck:)
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