ExamKrackers Complete Study Package: 7th Edition

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Aug 2, 2007
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This is the EK Complete Package, comes with all 5 books (chem, physics, VR/math/WS, O-chem, bio). Its been pretty lightly used, the corners are slightly frayed from being carried in a backpack and the like. But there is no writing at all in the books, no underlining, highlighting,etc. the o-chem flashcards have not been removed (ie they are still attached to the book like brand new). Also comes with the EK 1H full length practice exam.

I'll also throw in the EK 1001 Bio Qs. Its basically a bunch of Bio passages and questions just like the MCAT, and thorough explanations on each in the back.

$110 shipped, PM me.

or $100 if you want to pick it up in Los Angeles, CA (near UCLA).

Thanks :thumbup:

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