exchange programs and faculty dual appointments?

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    so medicine seems far and away ahead of surgery in terms of international development work/health care. and i'm not just referring to medical-missionary-primary-care kind of stuff -- i'm talking about joint academic partnerships where you "teach a man how to fish," etc. many general medicine residencies have partnerships with international medical schools for their residents to rotate abroad, and my home institution's medicine program is working on an exchange program that would include people all the way from staff attendings to medical students.

    Yet very few surgery residency programs provide the same opportunities (i think i've seen brown, indiana and UCSF mentioned on this forum). why is that? is it only funding issues? or is it also just a lack of interest in surgery? if, say, one were to push to create such an exchange program in a surgery department, would such a proposal even be listened to?

    and on that same note, does anyone know of any faculty members in an academic surgery department who hold a second part-time, academic appointment at an international medical school?

    many thanks :D

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