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Exhibitor Benefits & Terms of Participation

Discussion in 'Information for Exhibitors' started by WildWing, Nov 10, 2014.

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  1. WildWing

    WildWing CRG Project Management
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    Jan 21, 2009
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    Please read the following descriptions of our Exhibitor benefits and guidelines for your participation carefully.


    Your forums will be subject to removal if you do not meet the following minimum participation levels:
    • Initial Thread Creation: You must create threads in your exhibition forums within 10 business days of being notified that the forum(s) are available.
    • Quarterly participation: You must provide some update or announcement every 90 days within your forum(s).
    Exhibitors who do not meet these thresholds will be subject to termination.


    The Exhibition forums are promoted year-round as an SDN resource and on an occasional basis on the SDN home page.

    Annually, we also hold special events for “Test Prep Week” and “Admissions Prep Week”. During these event weeks, we will promote the specific exhibit area to our membership on the forums and through social media. We encourage you to offer special discounts and prizes during these event weeks.


    You may request email addresses and other information from SDN members who participate in Exhibition forums. You can use that information to create mailing lists for announcements and special offers for SDN members. There are a few guidelines:
    • You may post one “Join our Mailing List” thread in each of your Test Prep Week forums. SDN staff will “stick” these threads to insure that they remain visible at the top of the forum. These threads will be closed so that members will not reply and attempt to post their personal information on SDN.
    • The thread should include an explanation of what information is being collected and its intended use.
    • All information collection must take place OFF the SDN forums (on your site or on a third party data collection site). Please post a link that takes members to the external site where they can submit their information. It must be clear that the link will be taking the member off the Student Doctor Network site.
    • Please do not encourage or allow members to post their email addresses anywhere on the Test Prep forums. Use the “Report” post link to notify SDN staff if this occurs.
    • You may offer incentives to members who submit their information or join your mailing list. In general, the value of these incentives should be less than or equal to the value of the products you offer for the raffles.
    • Submitting information or joining your mailing list may not be a condition of winning any product giveaways.
    • You are encouraged to place a link to your privacy policy in each “Join our Mailing List” thread you post.
    You may post discounts and other special offers in your Exhibition areas.

    Additional policies:
    The SDN Terms of Service can be found here:


    Under normal circumstances, we do not allow advertising on our forums. You have been invited to promote your products and services in this special area as a service to our members. As such, posts relating to your products and services will only be permitted in the Exhibition forums. If a member asks about a specific product or service within other forums, you may respond and direct them to your Exhibition forum. Thank you for your cooperation.

    For more assistance:
    For forum-related problems during the event please use the Report link to notify the moderator staff. For other issues, please contact [email protected].

    Helpful resource: SDN Staff will maintain a dedicated forum containing Exhibitor information and announcements. You can find all of the information contained in this document plus other helpful tips and guidelines there. The link is: http://forums.studentdoctor.net/forumdisplay.php?f=518

    SDN Sponsorship: If you are interested in reaching out to SDN members throughout the year, please visit our Sponsorship page to learn more:

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