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May 10, 2014
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Howdy everyone,

I have a quick question, sorry if the answer may some obvious to some/most of you.

I'll be taking the 2015 MCAT August 22nd. (going into my junior year)

I'll be applying in my junior year, but let's say it doesn't work out and I don't get in anywhere.

If I want to apply the year after my senior year (which would then be taking 2 years off, one for extra coursework and another for the application process to go thru) and I applied very early (June) would my MCAT be acceptable for this application cycle even though it would expire on August 22nd of that year? Or would I have to retake it because it expires during the application cycle?


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Jan 6, 2015
It expires after 3 years. You will be fine, especially since you took the new format exam.
If I'm understanding OPs scenario correctly he may have to retake it. It depends on the school, but for most, the 3-year rule is based on the year of matriculation and OP wouldn't be matriculating until 2019 (cycle after his senior year).

2015: MCAT
2016: Applying as an incoming senior
2017: Summer before the start of his gap-year. N/A
2018: Re-app
2019: Matriculation

Based on that and assuming you don't change your test date, you can either apply after your junior year and then re-apply after your senior year. Or just after your senior-year and avoid being a re-app.