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Extern Rotation Advice

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by libbuser, Jun 7, 2000.

  1. libbuser

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    Sep 3, 1999
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    Hello. Need some advice on choosing a hospital for extern rotations. Specifically, I am hoping that some of you in MI will be able to help. Maybe some MSU-COMer's out there. Well, from what I have heard, the "inner-city", smaller hospitals (Detroit Riverview & Riverside, Oakland)in Detroit allow students to be more independent and actually do many more procedures, etc. Whereas at some of the more "suburban", middle class hospitals, you are more likely to coat-tail and observe. I was told if you go to a larger, and upper/middle class hospital there are so many residents/interns that students rarely get to function independently. Yet, at a smaller, rural or inner city hospital the student-extern may be assigned to 2-3 pts and be responsible for managing their care (writing notes, orders, etc.). Anyone have any thoughts on that. Maybe someone could give some 1st hand knowledge on "Genesys" or "Garden City", "Botsford", VS. "Riverview" and "Riverside"??
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  3. UHSGrad

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    Jun 9, 2000
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    In Michigan, I rotated through two hospitals where I had a lot of hands-on experience: Carson City Hospital (a small, rural hospital) -- the nurse anesthetist would actually PAGE me for intubations, I could pick up any ER patient I wanted, and I could do as many OB deliveries as I wanted and Detroit's Henry Ford (a large tertiary care hospital affiliated with Bi-County and Riverside) -- on my ER rotation I got to do art lines, central lines, LPs, suturing, gyn exams (I was still an eager 3rd year).

    If you choose Riverside, you will be able to rotate through Henry Ford. This is the same with Bi-County. I've heard good things about Genesys. I heard that the neuro rotation was good at Garden City. Botsford is just one of those places -- some people hate it, some love it. Good luck!

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