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    For all you med students out there...

    I've heard stories of the amount of work required in med school--the volumes of material and the hours and hours of studying needed to do well. However, all the accounts I've heard of come from people in MD programs. I'm curious (and a little bit nervous!) at how much extra material is taught in OMT lectures/labs, in addition to all the other courses med school is known for. How much more of a load is required by DO students and how much of an emphasis is placed on these courses, relative to the others?

    Thanks for all your input. :)
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    Technically its the difference between 23 and 28 credits a semester. However, this is really a hands on skill, so it requires more practice and and time spent in the lab than the mental leaps of neuroanatomy. Don't get me wrong, it's not easy, but a good working over in the OMM lab after a long day in class is not so bad. there is also a great feeling in actually making people feel better with you own two hands. I can fix most study induced neck dysfunction, as well as some garden variety sports trauma. I guess what I mean to say is that I get more intant feedback about how this will be important later. You don't get that feeling much in Neuro.
    Remember, it's not the depth of the knowlege that students find hard to handle, it is the breadth. When I look over at my Harrisons manual, and my 22 other books, the little OMM book doesn't really bother me. My school 36 hours a week, and OMM class and Lab accounts for only 3 of that.
    So I'd say its not a huge problem, its just more.

    Hope this helps
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